Windows XP End of Support

Posted 5/2/2014
Hi Everybody: 
It's been a couple of months since I've sent out a Tech Tip and I am hoping to start them back up now with some regularity.
For today I'll go over the fact  that Microsoft ended support on Windows XP on April 8th. Some of you that still use XP might have seen this warning pop up on your computer screen.
Thus, Microsoft has ended all support for Windows XP.  It's not just bug updates and technical support that have ended, but Microsoft is also no longer going to release security patches for Windows XP. This is especially important when you consider the hundreds of security patches and updates that they have released for the Operating System over the years.
After April 8th any new security hole or exploit that hackers and viruses find will not be fixed. If you, or any friends or relatives, continue to use XP, I highly recommend creating a secondary "limited" user account that is separate from your "Administrator" account. Then you will be able to mainly use the "limited" account and only use the "administrator" account when necessary. 
Most people use an "Administrator" account by default so they have access and rights to do everything. However that means viruses and hackers have those same rights and access.
"Limited" user account can still go online, run any programs installed on the computer, create and save new files. However it cannot install any programs or change any of your computers settings.  This is especially important now for Windows XP.
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