Windows Vista

Posted 5/2/2014
Hi Everybody:

Last time I went into some detail on Windows XP. This time around I would like to cover Windows Vista.
Windows Vista was released at the beginning of 2007. Upon its release it had a large number of critics and was largely unpopular for a number of reasons. The system requirements were three to four times higher than the streamlined Windows XP, a good deal of software and hardware was not compatible with it, it also had many security prompts, sometimes asking two or three times if the user wanted to install or run a program. All of this led many people to have a bad taste in their mouth over Windows Vista and gave it a somewhat negative reputation.

That negative reputation was well deserved, but only at first. Since that time Vista has undergone several different overhauls and the version of Vista that is out today bares almost no resemblance to the version that was first released. There have been hundreds of patches,updates, and two whole Service Packs. Because of these improvements, the version of Windows Vista that is out today is nearly identical in both appearance and performance to the much more popular Windows 7 that followed it. Many people would find it difficult to discern the two operating systems running side by side now.

In fact Windows 7 was released just two short years after Vista in 2009. A lot of people, including myself, felt that what Microsoft had done was essentially fix many of the problems that Vista had and then re-released the same operating system under the Windows 7 name. They then incorporated many of the improvements that Windows 7 had back into the Vista operating system itself.

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