Recent Security Risks.

Posted 5/2/2014

Hi Everybody:

There have been a lot of security risks in the news lately. The two big ones in the last few weeks were the "Heartbleed" and "Internet Explorer Zero Day" exploits.

"Heartbleed" is a risk that was unknowingly written into the security software that many websites use. Basically what happened is that a massive ton of random information was accidently released into the wild. However Hackers had no control over what specific data was being released. The data that got released was so arbitrary and immense that the odds of your password being found is the same as a needle in a haystack. Was your username and passwords released? Possibly, however the amount of manpower that it would take to sift out your specific information would be monumental. It never hurts to change your passwords just in case though.

The other risk that was just announced is the "Internet Explorer Zero Day" exploit. This one is more severe. Internet Explorer has a vulnerability that makes it possible for a hacker to take over your computer. This effects all versions of Internet Explorer. A user would have to go to an infected website with Internet Explorer, but once done they could take over your entire computer.

Microsoft is going to put out a security update to fix this soon, but only for Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. However since they ended support for Windows XP on the 8th, they will not be updating that Operating System. I highly advise any people who are still using Windows XP to not use Internet Explorer anymore.

The best fix for everybody is something that we have been telling customer for some time now. Instead of using Internet Explorer use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Both web browsers are much safer than Internet Explorer, and can display websites faster and better also. For people who are used to the look and feel of Internet Explorer, Firefox's interface is fairly similar. Firefox can even copy over all your favorites to use. Firefox calls these bookmarks and they can be entered right in the Bookmarks library.

As always, we thank you for your support and business. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.